5 Best Practices for Great Landing Pages

5 Best Practices for Great Landing Pages

The purpose of your landing page is to reach out to customers who aren't ready to buy and show how your business is delivering value in that space. Such pages are important if you want to increase sales of your products and services, improve customer experience, and quickly attract customers with attractive offers.

In this blog, you'll learn about the key components of his great B2C and B2B landing pages and how to incorporate them into your content to increase conversions.

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is a web page created for a specific purpose and is a stand-alone page where you can set tracking parameters to track user behavior. Landing pages typically have one of five purposes:

1. Encourage a visitor to click on (to visit every other web page, on your website, or someone else's).

2. Get a visitor to make a buy.

3. Encourage a visitor to give his/her permission for you to follow up (by email, phone, etc.).

4. Get a visitor to tell a friend about your products/services.

5. Get a visitor to learn something, or leave feedback. You might do this by leaving a remark or rating one of your goods or services.

If a prospect arrives at your landing page via organic search, PPC advertising, social advertising, or promotional emails, they are indicating interest in the specific value proposition or product they are clicking on. However, landing pages alone are not enough to drive purchases.

There are tangible ways to organize your content to drive conversions and ultimately sales. Here are his five best practices for creating landing pages that attract more customers and amplify your interest signal.

1. Create the perfect headline

Headlines are the first thing users see on your landing page, and most visitors read them, but only skim the text. That's why it's important to write headlines that sell.

Avoid vague headings or headings that do not adequately summarize the content. First, it's important to cover your content in an attractive, concise, and eye-catching way. Second, make sure your headline communicates the benefits of your offer. This makes it more likely that users will stay on your page and respond to your call to action.

Third, remember that optimized page titles (with your targeted keywords) can also help you rank higher in search engines (for tips, check out this YouTube SEO and Ranking Guide). please look at). An indexed landing page on a keyword-optimized site increases the visibility of that specific search query.

Finally, make sure your landing page headlines always match those of your emails, ads, SEO copy, etc. For a seamless user experience.

For example, for a "Hair Salon California" ad, the landing page headline must contain the words "Hair Salon California" and be accompanied by relevant content.

2. Create a separate landing page for each active ad.

It's important that the content people click on exactly matches your landing page headline and main content. This is called a "message match" and is defined as "[...] the headline of the landing page matches the headline of the ad or marketing article that the visitor clicked on."

Message matching is an important part of a good user experience. Also, most B2C companies create and distribute a large amount of content for different categories and product types, so simply directing users from an advertising page to a homepage or other product page is not enough to get this message right. does not match.

For example, if you send an email promoting a concert of particular interest in your area, the person will click her CTA button to purchase tickets to that concert. Directing users to the home page of a site with promotional content for baseball tickets instead of the artist's ticket page would probably upset them considerably.

Even if concert tickets are still available, users may become frustrated or confused and abandon the purchase altogether. To address these issues, each ad you run should direct the customer to a dedicated landing page whose headline and content match the ad or email copy. The user should immediately see contextual alerts related to her click or search. We don't want users to go through extra steps to find the right content.

3. Use images judiciously

65% of people keep information with associated images. In contrast, only 10% of people only heard the same information. For this reason, we recommend that you provide images that highlight people using your product or service, or show what they'll get if they convert on your landing page.

But be careful. Images should always help with conversions and not distract your visitors. Not only should the images be inspiring, original, and eye-catching, but they should also be carefully placed to encourage the reader to take action. A short instructional video can also help increase conversion rates. Plus, with all the tools and software now available, you can easily create amazing videos without hiring an expert.

4. Craft Engaging CTAs

Your call-to-action (CTA) button is the maximum vital part of your touchdown web page due to the fact it is a manner that new leads are created on your system. Without this button, you do not get the ability to new customers, and the relaxation of the reproduction and photos on your web page lose their importance. Great CTAs (that contain three key factors) can boom your conversion charge with the aid of using tens or maybe loads of percentage points.

Visitors want to sense pressured to click on the CTA button so you have to persuade them to do so. Avoid dull or doubtful reproduction like “submit” or “get started” and consciousness of enticing, personalized reproduction such as “Send me the eBook” or “Get my loose trial.” Make crystal clear what the consumer will obtain with the aid of using clicking on the button.

In phrases of CTA, your button must evaluation with its surrounding factors to attract the most quantity of attention. Use A/B checking out to look at which colors paintings are pleasant for your business. Preferences can frequently range with the aid of using enterprise and persona, so it is vital now no longer to make assumptions primarily based totally on “pleasant practices” that won't be relevant to you. That being said, it is usually pleasant to hold your web page and the items on it to the left-hand facet of the wheel proven below (green, blue, purple) and use contrasting colors on your CTA button(s).

5. Don't Overcomplicate Your Forms

A poorly-designed lead seizes shape may be the death of your conversions. Prospects do not need to spend a whole lot of time divulging big quantities of private statistics simply to assert an offer. Only ask for the statistics you definitely want, and hold in thoughts that customers will offer extra statistics later once they emerge as customers.

Your campaigns will gain from A/B or cut-up checking out, which essentially pits one touchdown web page towards every other to look the way it performs. This may be beneficial for shape layout because it suggests how lots statistics a purchaser is inclined to input. Too many fields can flip a consumer away. Download our A/B checkout toolkit to optimize your touchdown pages.

Many organizations now provide potentialities the choice to fill in their statistics thru their social media platforms. This smooth alternative is high-quality in shape for plenty of busy consumers. Here's a high-quality instance from Salesforce:

Sales Force Form

A form from Salesforce

Final suggestions on your touchdown pages

In short, to make your touchdown pages extra effective, you must:

1. Your headlines clean, concise, and enticing.

2. Build a separate touchdown web page for every lively promotion.

3. Build enticing CTAs that consist of textual content that conjures up action, and take into account your colors carefully. Make positive your language is customized for every precise offer.

5. Keep your paperwork simple, concise, and smooth to fill out. Consider giving customers the choice to fill out their statistics through their social media money owed or Gmail.

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